Singing the Unseen

And so I tread along this path to reach a higher ground,
I see my old path below and dare not make a sound.
To climb this rocky hill, I’ll take a stick with me,
yes, I must find a broken branch from a trusty tree.
Upon the hilltop I’ll see mountains white and meadows green,
and all my thoughts and dreams shall remain unseen.
For unseen this life must be on this misty mountainside,
amongst a million other souls the spirit must reside.

And why does the unrelenting sun always wear a smile?
He knows that I’ll be gone in just a little while.
For life is short, yet my deeds make ripples in the sea.
The tides of time wash over all things eventually.
And if we are born again or if we are heaven sent,
our days are more precious than all the money spent.
For they say time is money but money can’t buy time,
sometimes words of wisdom confuse like words of rhyme.

Words are all I have to give unto this world of mine,
I hope the words I give you will always treat you kind.
I hope the words I give you will be of a loving kind.

Dan Savery Raz, December 2018

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