Dada is Zed & Other Stories


Overview – Dada is Zed & Other Stories

Dadaist poet TZ is troubled by a bad dream in Zurich, 1917. Jesus arrives in post-9/11 London without his luggage and tries to survive just 24 hours as an alien. Bob Dukhovny fights to get his 88,133-word Holocaust novel published. And Tom Zimmerman shuffles in and out of reality in a Tel Aviv office.

Lonely Planet author Dan Savery Raz creates tales of alienation and displacement in Dada is Zed – a collection of short stories set in Tel Aviv, London and elsewhere. Aside from the title story, the collection includes ‘Shuffle’, ‘The Guilt of Gindi’, ‘Lost Luggage’, ‘Homeless’ and ‘Rejecting Rejection’.

Dan Savery Raz is co-author of Lonely Planet’s ‘Israel & the Palestinian Territories’ guide and has contributed to other travel books such as ‘Street Food’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Best in Travel’. For more details, see

“Edgy, smart, and slyly funny, Dan Savery Raz’s stories of bewildered lost souls are pitch perfect. Savery Raz loves his characters and after you read these tales, you will too. A gem of a collection. Don’t miss it.”
Joan Leegant, Author of Wherever You Go and An Hour in Paradise

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